Erasmus Lehrermobilität: “T&T – Teaching and Technology for European Teachers”

The Soverato training (11-19/03/2023) has been a complete intercultural experience: a good mix of intensive training and non-formal education. The whole group consisted of only seven participants: three teachers from Lithuania, one from Croatia, Spain and Germany – that would be me – and a headmistress from La Reunion. Our group was then divided into different training groups, focusing in turn on video making, STEAM / Teaching and Technology and administrative tasks or tasks related to creating Erasmus+ projects. My group, that is the Spanish teacher and I, trained with Catherine Perri, an Australian teacher, and we talked a lot about online teaching today and digital innovation in education. Connecting with STE(a)M education different tools of digital education and getting to know apps and programs to improve a well-balanced digitalization, was also part of our program.

Intercultural experience ranged from an “Outdoor Mission Impossible Team Building Game” game to several walking tours to touristic and cultural points of interest in the vicinity, as well as a bus trip to Catanzaro, the capital city of the region. And obviously our group, profiting from our small number, got to know each other well and hopes to stay in contact by organizing future projects and partnership exchanges.

Stefanie Caselli